Start-ups are people-driven microcosms of entrepreneurship that are created when transformative ideas meet the energy, commitment, vision, beliefs, values and individual initiative of the founders.

More than the technology or the business model, it is the combined intellectual enterprise as well as astute capital infusion that fuel and scale a start-up.

We at MCube8, work with promising businesses where the idea has either been translated into a product or a service that has achieved sufficient customer validation - or has the potential to do so.


Entrepreneurs who have a great idea that they believe can set the marketplace ablaze is the spark we are looking to ignite.


The MCube8 team commits to nurture start-ups in our ‘nest’ while they fulfill the promise to fly. We provide the necessary support and direction to channel their strength and ‘read the winds’ before they eventually take to the skies.

We help entrepreneurs to focus on growth & scalability rather than get bogged down in managing the environment or hygiene factors.


We work with the founders to ideate, solve and reach aggressive milestones. Simultaneously, we shadow the entire process of managing scalability finance and any other concern areas with regard to capital


We fund start-ups that have strong wings and stronger roots; those entities whose vision is to change the world but their focus remains on one thing, execution. We, at MCube8, fund business ventures where people show phenomenal execution capabilities.


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