High growth start-ups typically operate in certain sectors - Nano-technology, energy, emerging technologies, advanced materials, biosciences, health care, design engineering & photonics, 
Information & communication technology

At MCube8, we don’t differentiate where your ideas come from as long as the concept is disruptive, addresses a gap in the market and where the founding team is able to present a compelling product future.

The hard questions we ask are:

  • How large is your market opportunity and do you have the right product – market fit?
  • Do you have a proven proof of concept with customers who are paying for it?
  • Is your business model scalable?
  • Is your product differentiated (if not disruptive) from competitors?
  • Do you have a capital-light model with prudent financial discipline and unit economics?
  • Can you show sustainable growth within five years from investment?

What is our model company?

A company that has:

  • A well-balanced founding team with the right expertise and knowledge.
  • Passion to serve its customers & share holders.
  • A plan to scale the business within 5 years to a on going concern.
  • Entrepreneurs with a penchant for innovation and a burning focus for execution in their business model.